BY HUNTER HAUK – Cowboys & Indians

Western swing and other classic country styles become new again with this week’s release of the Time Jumpers’ self-titled album (Rounder Records). The group’s large roster features several of Nashville’s most respected players — among them pedal steel ace Paul Franklin, bassist Dennis Crouch, vocalist Dawn Sears and, of course, Grammy-winning Hall-of-Famer Vince Gill.

I rang up Gill a few weeks ago for another story that’s coming up in a future C&I issue, but we found a minute to discuss Time Jumpers. Gill explained how the group came to prominence in Music City.

“Time Jumpers is a side project for me. It started as a [jam session], a way to have fun on Monday nights. More than anything, it was a place for people who loved that kind of music to go and hear it.

“One thing has led to another, and we decided to make a record. I’m hoping it’ll get some notoriety and attention.”

The release is but one of Gill’s current musical endeavors. Says the artist behind hits such as “When I Call Your Name” and “I Still Believe In You,” as well as more recent critically acclaimed albums These Days and Guitar Slinger: “I’m going to continue to tour and make records, and do the things I’ve always done.

“I have about 20 ideas, and can’t figure out which one to land on. I’ve kind of taken a page from Willie Nelson, how in the last 15 or 20 years, he’s probably recorded more than he did in the first 40 years of his career.”

For now, though, lovers of old-school country can hear Gill sing both lead and harmony on several of the Time Jumpers tracks. Grab it on vinyl in a couple of weeks for that added authenticity.

Author: admincw