Thursday, May 2 2013, 10:57 PM CDT

NASHVILLE, Tenn – – “Brother George taught us all how to sing with a broken heart” says Vince Gill, who did just that Thursday morning. He sang with a broken heart as the world said their good-byes to his friend and idol George Jones. Vince and Patty Loveless moved the entire room to tears and onto their feet. Garth Brooks removed his hat as George’s widow Nancy grieved. Vince was one of the first people Nancy Jones called after her husband passed away. “Because of the magnitude of his greatness it’s an invite no one wants but would love to get” says Gill.

Nancy asked Vince to sing a very particular song. “I talked to nancy and she said please come play his favorite song, Go Rest High On That Mountain.

Gill sang on an album with George and even shared the same stage when he toured together years ago. Thursday Vince shared a stage with dozens who loved jones just as much as he did. A true testament he says, to the relationship they all had with jones. For Vince, their friendship resulted in a nickname he still has today. “He called me Sweet Pea and anytime someone says that I know they love George Jones. He has tagged me with it and I’ll cherish it forever” says Gill.

“It’s my believe they don’t make those shoes anymore” says he adds.

Vince says more than anything, he believes George would want everyone that was part of the service and everyone at home watching to remember one thing. George’s wife Nancy Jones made his life and saved it for the rest of us.

Author: adminjb