All week, Vince Gill fans in Bakersfield, California will be able to join Vince on Twitter for the #Bakersfield Scavenger Hunt. Team Vince Gill will be posting clues on Vince’s Twitter page at that will lead fans to a physical location in Bakersfield, CA, with a new clue being posted at 12:00pm PST everyday.

There will be 5 clues, over 4 days, that will lead fans to 5 different locations in the Bakersfield, CA area. Fans will have to decipher the clues, find the locations, and tell a staff member that they are on the Vince Gill #Bakersfield Scavenger Hunt. The first fan to do so will receive two tickets to see Vince Gill live in concert on October 25th at the Rabobank Arena, Theater and Convention Center in Bakersfield, CA, and the second fan to find the location will receive a special prize.

Team Vince Gill will be posting clues everyday for the rest of the week at 12:00pm PST, and will be giving away a total of 5 pairs of tickets. Fans must follow Vince Gill on Twitter at to get the clues and join the fun.

Tickets for Vince’s show at the Rabobank Arena are available now at

Author: adminjb