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GAC asked you to come up with your questions for Vince Gill, now check out his answers! Questions range from his “band mentality”, golf, and of course guitars! Watch Vince’s answers here!

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  1. My name is Nathan E Scott. I am a 32 yr old country music singer, songwriter and musician who has lost 534 pounds survived 39 surgeries and 3 heart failures. I was featured on two documentaries on the TLC and the Discovery networks called “the 750 pound man” and “pound for pound the Nathan Scott story” All that I ever wanted to do is to inspire others while performing the music that has saved my life and means so very very much to me. Country music legends from Haggard and Jones to Vince Gill and all in between inspired me not only to perform but to believe in myself and to fight to live. It has been a dream of mine to meet Vince and perform even one song with him my entire life. I am a HUGE fan of not only his amazing vocals but his simply smooth guitar playing. His playing inspired me to play the way that I do. I try to put how I am feeling into each and every song. Someday I hope to meet Vince and thank him in person. I hope to be able to pick with him regardless of if it be on a main stage in front of thousands or on an ole back porch in front of us and God. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I search for a way to become the country music entertainer that I know that God has let me live through so very very much to become. Sincerely Vince thanks again from the bottom of my heart my friend. If it had not been for legends like you I might not be around today. God bless and I hope to hear from you soon. Your humble friend,
    Nathan E Scott

  2. Cheryl Baker on said:

    Saw you in Laughlin Nv 10-22-11 what a great show. You still have the best voice. Thank You for the music you write.

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