Vince Gill’s new album is a family affair, recorded in his home studio and co-starring his wife and children.

Country Weekly – Ken Tucker

Want to find out what’s going on in Vince Gill’s life? Just pick up a copy of his new album Guitar Slinger, out October 24.  While he stops short of saying it’s his most personal album yet. Vince does acknowledge that “there are a few songs on there that feel personal - ”Bread and Water,” “Billy Paul,” ” Buttermilk John.”  more!

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15 comments on “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS

  1. Pat Henderson on said:

    We were fortunate enough to see you in concert at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, IN on November 3rd, you gave a wonderful performance, we enjoyed it all, and it was nice to hear your new
    songs. Keep up the good work, you are a happy man.

  2. Tim Carr on said:

    I just finished watching your interview on MLB.com and I really enjoyed your honesty and, of course, your music. My wife {Peggy – who hates what she calls hillbilly music] and I had the pleasure of attending one of your concerts a year or so ago at the Keswick theater [Glenside, PA (just outside Philadelphia, PA). I really loved your show and her compliment for the Vince Gill performance was: “I liked him a lot more than the JUDDS”. She’s a Kenny G fan. Thanks for all your great music, I really like it. Tim Carr

  3. Annie Osmer on said:

    I am a triplet, my sisters and I saw you & Amy last year along with our brother Al at Van Andel in Grand Rapids Michigan for the Christmas tour. We walked away feeling really great, your music does have a great effect on people. No matter what is going on in our life, when we go to your concerts we forget about everything for awhile. I admire anyone who is a musician because you can work through problems in a way to express it through your music. Keep up that good work. You and Amy are so great together.

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