Vince Gill has an extensive collection of guitars. Each of them has a special story behind it and in a clip for Musician’s Friend, Vince invites cameras into his home to show us his guitars and share what they mean to him. He also does a little picking.

The most revered guitar Vince owns is the first one he shows. It belonged to his father. “We had a flood in Nashville not too long ago, back in 2010, and this guitar was in the flood,” he said. “Thank God it was just high enough that it didn’t get in the water. This is what I learned to play on as a little boy.”

Among the many guitars Vince has is one of the first ones he ever bought using all of his life savings; a couple special gifts from his wife Amy Grant; and a rare Martin. “I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough and smart enough to hang on to some of these first guitars,” he says.

Author: adminjb