It has been four years, four LONG years, since country radio has been blessed with Vince Gill’s amazing voice and solid songs. That four years has come to an end with the release of his brand new radio single “Threaten Me With Heaven,” that feels like a long lost song from the 90’s era with lyrics that grab and hold you the way a great song should. Much in the vein of songs like “Live Like You Were Dying,” this song takes a spiritual look at life and appreciating it. In the lyric’s story, our character is dying and asks the question “what’s the worst that can happen if they say my time is through” leading him to push the hook line of “threaten me with heaven.”

Gill uses his voice like no other artist can in that he doesn’t over power the lyrics in the chorus although the music dictates him to do so, but rather uses a quick punch and backs away allowing you to digest the power in the lyric. It has been way too long since Vince Gill has found radio success, but perhaps with the release of this song radio will once again catch on to one of country music’s most legendary artist’s. A powerful song and lyric with the perfect voice delivering it; This one is going to make you listen and think about life and the meanings of it and is well worth a listen.

Author: admincw