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Vince Gill’s latest album, ‘Guitar Slinger,’ is an emotional rollercoaster ride, mixing fun uptempos with tearjerking ballads, along with a few songs that tap into his darker side. All of the project’s tracks, however, have one main thing in common: they’re inspired by various people who have touched the country superstar’s life in one way or another.

‘Bread and Water’ is a poignant track about a seemingly homeless man who wanders into a mission looking for food but finding a whole lot more. The Country Music Hall of Famer sat down with The Boot to tell us how his brother Bob, who passed away in 1993, inspired the song.

“‘Bread and Water’ was a song I wrote with Leslie Satcher,” Vince explains. “I threw out this line: ‘One night, he wandered into that old mission.’ The first lines of songs are the most important part of the songs. If you really want to tell a story, that first line has to capture you. I said that line and then got a big lump in my throat and almost teared up. It reminded me of my brother.

“My brother had a rough stretch of life,” continues the country legend. “He had a car wreck at age 21 and was almost killed. He was in a coma for many months and wasn’t expected to live, and he never really fully recovered. He did pretty great considering the depth of the injuries and as a result of it, he would spend some time kinda hobo-ing around and not checking in with us. We didn’t know where he was for periods of time and found out he’s been down in the mission, or working at the Salvation Army or out picking fruit somewhere. So the song is loosely based on my brother.”

Listen to ‘Bread and Water’

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  1. luv all ur songs!

  2. Darlene Hanham on said:

    I remember that sad time in Vince’s life and felt his pain. This is a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Vince,

    I hope you recognize my name…….I am your #1 fan and would love to hear all the stories behind you songs……that is what I love about your music – it tells a story that all of us can connect with at one time in our lives or another…….I love your new CD but I love ALL your songs and music…..the best tenor voice I have ever hear in my whole life… put your soul and spirit into your music and we can hear it

  4. I hope Bread and Water will be released as a single. It deserves to be heard.

  5. Jackie Dailey on said:

    Vince – I have listened to your music since Pure Prairie League
    days…….You’re awesome. I remember when your Dad would be on our local radio station WCOL, Columbus, OH, with Dixie & Skip in the mornings and would keep listeners up to date as to what you were doing. He was so proud of you! We come to Nashville at least twice a year and always hope to catch you at the Grand Ole Opry, which we got to see you being honored as a 20-year Opry Member. Would love to meet you some day….. Jackie

  6. Loved this song since you did it at a concert in Philly 2 years ago have waited a long time for you to record and release it really great as is the whole CD. Personal favorites are Guitar Slinger (great “handle” for Vince) Tell Me Fool,When The Lady Sings The Blues, and Threaten Me With Heaven and If I Die. Wonderful wonderful CD

  7. I love all the songs on Guitar Slinger but Billy Paul & Buttermilk John are the ones that really got to me. As for a single, ANY song on the CD would be a good choice but we all know radio won’t touch music by the GREATEST COUNTRY SINGER this side of George Jones. Country radio isn’t country anymore. BTW, I think G.S. is Vince’s BEST ALBUM.

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  20. Lee Douglas on said:

    Dear Vince, I just want you to know what a pleasure it is to sit in my home and listen to you sing and play your guitar. You have been my favorite singer-player for many years, and will be until>>>>>>??
    I enjoy you on my computer every day since I have retired and I turn it up LOUD!! I would like to meet you someday and tell you in person what I have heard prople say about you. Everybody wants to meet you and “shake and howdy” with you. Someday, you will have to get down to Gulf Shores, Alabama where they have concerts on the sand. Please bring Amy and Jenny when you come here.
    I have listened to 284 of your songs since I have retired and they soothe my soul. “Over and over.” “Give me Jesus” is another great song.Thanks Vince, many times, thanks… Lee Douglas, Foley, Alabama